Niall and Harry Threesome Imagine for Sana

I went clubbing tonight and I’ve been dancing with two guys on and off. They seem to be friends but I was too plastered to tell. I found out their names were Niall and the other was Harry. It was like they were having a competition with me, getting rougher at each turn they had with me. I was dancing with Niall, my bum pressing into his erection, my hips swerving in circles against him. I could hear his moans above me and his lips attached to my neck sucking at a spot, his wet lips touching my skin and nibbling at that area. His hands roamed my hips his fingers creating patterns. Harry then pulled me off of Niall  by my arm roughly turning me to face him and instantly connecting his lips to mine, biting my lip and forcing his tongue into my mouth. Niall groaned in the background and I could tell he was turned on. Harry turned me around making me grind on him as well. I could feel his erection growing as my bum danced into him. Harry turned me back around and nodded his head towards Niall hinting him to come to him. He whispered something into Niall’s ear and I couldn’t understand what until Niall grabbed my hand and asked me if I wanted to try something with them, yelling over the music. I then understood what they wanted to do and I bit my lip and nodded. Niall led us out of the club, Harry following close behind. We entered into a house and Niall threw me over his shoulder as we all ran upstairs. Harry and Niall got completely undressed their erections standing tall. “Strip baby.” Harry ordered as I pushed them both onto the bed. I could still feel the alcohol running through my veins. My dress had a zipper on the side so it was easy for me to take that off. I kicked it to the side running my hands up by chest and onto my boobs taking my left hand behind my back and unclipping it slowly taking the straps off my arm. Harry grunted when he saw my exposed chest. Niall tried reaching for his dick, just to touch himself, to give him some relief, but he backed down, waiting for me to do it. I turned around fully, bending over, giving them a great view of my ass. I slowly slid my thong down my legs. Hearing their breath hitch. Satisfied I walked toward them and Harry motioned me to my knees. They both stood up in front of me, putting their dicks in my face. I started licking my tongue on the slit of Harry’s cock, circling around it making him tremble. My fingers started working Niall’s cock, teasing his tip before pumping him with my fist. I then took Harry fully into my mouth, causing his head to fall back as Niall watched me intently with his mouth open. Harry pulled my head further on to him causing me to gag slightly, I sucked a little harder, still pumping Niall and running my fingers over his tip as I felt Harry twitch in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his length teasing him more, making him cum directly down my throat. I swallowed and smirked at him, taking in Niall next. I didn’t tease him any, I went straight to sucking him, bobbing my head back and fourth as I looked straight into his eyes. He was loving every second of this. I took my hand and squeezed his balls lightly causing him to groan in frustration as his dick twitched as well. I sucked a little harder causing his orgasm. “Get on the bed Niall told me and I obeyed, getting on the bed and laying on my back. My pussy was throbbing I couldn’t wait any longer, I needed them, both of them. Harry came up beside me and started squeezing my left boob, bringing his mouth down to my nipple and sucking it lightly. Niall rubbed his length up and down a couple times before placing himself at my entrance and pushing in at a slow pace. He gradually became quicker pumping in and out of me pulling almost all the way and slamming back into me, hitting my g-spot each time. Harry kissed down my stomach, bringing his fingers to my clit making my legs shake. I felt Niall’s dick twitch inside me when this happen as his cum spilled out into me. The feeling was so amazing. Niall hurriedly pulled out of me letting Harry take his spot. Harry slid right in me with no trouble due to how wet I was. He thrust into me fast not slowing down at all. My walls started to clench and my orgasm hit. My back arched as I moaned loudly. Niall started rubbing my clit at that moment making my orgasm harder. Harry grunted, his face beaded with sweat as his cum shot in me as well. He thrust a couple more times before pulling out and laying on an open spot on the bed. “The question now is…” Niall asked “Who was better?”

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