remember when one direction did the go karting thing and niall lost so he ran around the track shouting i’m a big fat idiot and then hit his head and fell over (x)

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Niall’s fucking arms are giving me a heart attack. Holy fucking shit can he get any more attractive? And Louis, I can’t even.

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Just A Little Break (Dirty Harry Imagine)

  Sorry I’ve been gone for so long but I’m going to start doing Imagines again xx Thank you so much for reading. Hope you enjoy.

The attention had just gotten too much for me to handle. I had to get away. I needed to escape just for a little. I needed to breathe and collect my thoughts. I needed a break and I had managed to do just that. The sun had only just started to fall, leaving an orangey glow across the sky. The leaves had already started to change color from a dark green to reds, yellows, and oranges. I loved this time of year. I loved how the trees looked. I was driving down a road I’ve never even seen before. I might’ve been lost but I’d never admit it. Trees surrounded everywhere I’d looked. When I turned the next bend, I saw her. She was standing up against the side of her car. Only wearing a tank top and denim shorts. One hand held her phone to her ear and the other roamed her hair in a nervous, frustrated gesture. The hood of her car was propped open, smoke lightly blowing out of it. Her window was down and she threw her phone inside, getting more and more upset by the second. I slowed my car down and parked behind her. I got out of the car and walked towards her. “Need any help?” I gestured unsure of what I would do if she said no. She looked at me, obviously not used to a British accent as were in America. “Yes, please. I’m not really good with cars.” She chuckled and I grinned at her. “Well I wouldn’t say I’m great at them but I do know a little bit.” I walked closer to her so that we were face to face with enough space between us and I held out my hand. “Name’s Harry by the way.” She took my hand and smiled, “(Y/N)”. I smiled back at her and our hands disconnected. I clapped both my hands together. “Alright let’s have a look.” We walked over to the front end and I bent over and inspected the car. Nothing seemed wrong, everything was in place. There was only one thing that could possibly be wrong. She was out of oil. “I think your car needs oil.” “Shit, yeah probably. I don’t even remember the last time I changed it.” I laughed at her and she laughed back. “Do you know how to tell when your oil’s low?” Her cheeks reddened, obviously not knowing the answer and she shook her head and bit her lip a tad bit. “Here I’ll show you. Come here.” She walked closer to me. “See that ring looking thing there?” “Uh huh.” She nodded her head, her eyes fixed on the part I was showing her. “Pull it out with your finger.” She did as I said, bending over the hood more. Her cleavage exposed even more to me and I couldn’t help myself but to stare at how perfect they looked. “What now?” She said and I shook away my thoughts. “Um see that black line at the bottom right there.” She nodded. “That’s how much oil you have, which is barely anything. You want it to be about right here.” I pointed to it and she nodded her head and put the dipstick back in its’ place. “Thank you.” She smiled at me and I smiled back at her. “So where are you from exactly?” She finally asked. “Cheshire, England.” “Oh, is it nice there?” “Yeah it’s nice, cold but nice.” She smiled at me. “Where’s your girlfriend?” “You’re a nosey little one, aren’t you?” She blushed and I answered. “Don’t have one.” I could see the grin she was trying to hold back and just then her phone rang. She held her finger out at me, gesturing me to wait one moment and I did. As she was talking on the phone I took in all of her. My eyes raked her body and the hand gestures she would make. She sounded angry at the person she was talking to and I loved the way her forehead would wrinkle as profanity slipped from her lips. She ended the conversation with the person she was talking to and threw her phone back in the car. “Boyfriend?” I asked and she shook her head. “Don’t have one, it was my mom” I smiled. I didn’t even try to hold it in. “I think I have a bottle of oil in the back of my car if you want it.” “Are you sure? I don’t want to bother you anymore than I already have.” I shrugged my shoulders. “I don’t think a pretty girl like you could ever be a bother to me.” She blushed and a smile grew on her face and I walked to the back of my car getting the oil, a funnel, and a paper towel out and walking it to her. “Do you know how to put oil in?” Her cheeks flushed again. “No, not really.” “Okay well come here.” We walked back to the front of the car. The hood was still propped up and I pointed to the dipstick again. “I’ll guide you okay.” She bit her lip and nodded her head. “Put your finger in the ring again and pull out the dipstick.” She did as I said leaning over the hood again her cleavage showing perfectly again and my brain began twisting with imaginable thoughts. “Okay now here take this and wipe it off.” I handed her the paper towel and again she obeyed. I put the funnel down and poured some oil in for her. “When you do this, you just want to try not to overflow it.” She chuckled. I took the funnel out and she stuck the dipstick back in it’s place. She put the hood down and leaned back against it. “Thank you so much. I don’t know how to repay you.” I could think of so many ways she could repay me but I kept it simple. “Kiss me.” She looked at me at first and bit her lip again. She grabbed my shirt and pulled me in to her. Her lips moved against mine, our lips now melting into one another. I placed my hands on the hood so that her torso was trapped in between them and her hands ran roughly in my hair but I liked it. I took her hand and walked her to the back of my car. I opened the door and literally pushed her and myself in, shutting the door behind me. My lips attached to hers and they didn’t want to disconnect. Her lips were soft and made me want so much more of her. She grabbed at the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I did the same to her taking her tank top over her head and then unsnapping her bra. Soon our clothes were completely off of each other and our hands never left the other, roaming and searching each other. I kissed down her neck and my hand inched down her stomach, my fingers barely brushing her skin. I circled both my index and middle fingers around her clit, gaining a soft moan from her. My lips found hers again as I slid my cock up and down her slit. My tongue found hers as I entered her, causing a moan from the both of us. My fingers still circled her clit as I adjusted my speed going slightly faster. My hips crashed into hers, The slapping of our skin was the only sounds you heard other than moans from the both of us. Her fingers pulled at my hair and her mouth formed an O shape. She was reaching her climax and could only whimper, unable to form any words or actual moans. I circled my fingers faster on her clit sending her and myself over the edge. I pulled out of her slowly and laid on top of her for a moment, catching my breath. I kissed the top of her forehead and she blushed and smiled at me. I got off her and we struggled to get our clothes back on. “Thank you again, for everything.” She blushed and kissed my cheek before opening the door and beginning to leave but before she could I grabbed her wrist. “Wait, let me get your number, love.” She nodded and I handed her my phone. She handed it back to me and gave me another kiss, this time on the lips and it was slow an left me wanting more. “Bye Harry.” With that she walked off and I got back in my car. I waited for her to leave before I did. I then ventured back on the winding road that lead me to her. My thoughts now clear of everything but her. That break was everything I needed and more.