August 30th ‘14


Any boy blurb

He was pissed. He came home and slammed the front door shut. You were asleep on the couch but jolted awake when you heard the door slam. He was muttering cuss words under his breath and other things that you couldn’t quite make out. “Babe, what’s wrong?” You barely whispered and his anger filled eyes softened slightly as he looked at you. “All the people I work with are just a bunch of dumb ass idiots.” You wanted to chuckle at how cute he was when he was angry but you kept it in. “Come here. Come talk to me.” You patted the spot next to you and instead of sitting he laid down with his head in your lap. “They only have one fucking job and they can’t even do it. I basically have to do, not only my job, but theirs too.” You just sat their quietly and listened to him, running your fingers through his hair. You hummed “Do you want me to calm you down baby.” He thought for a second before he shook his head. “As lovely as that sounds. I just want to stay like this for a little while. Just being here with you makes everything better.” You smiled down at him and pressed your lips to his. “I love you (Y/n). You always make everything better.” “I love you too.” You both just sat like that for a while talking about anything that came to your minds. You loved that you had a boyfriend that was so open and loving.

AN: I wrote it like this so you could imagine it as any boy you’d like. It was meant to be longer but I wanted it to be a short blurb so I hope you liked it! 


Chicago | August 30


4 years later and there’s still a tiny fist shaped dent on that railing