Naughty Teacher Chapter 11

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I woke up with her naked body laying on top of me. I woke up with a different feeling. I felt happy. I felt loved. I felt everything that I ever wanted to feel and it felt great. I loved her and knowing that she loved me too made me so incredibly happy. I didn’t want to go to work today and I knew she wouldn’t want to go to school today either. I called off of work and I called her out as well using the best American accent that I could and it worked. I pulled the thin sheet up so it covered our bodies and I wrapped my arms around her kissing the top of her head and then closing my eyes to get back to sleep for a while.

I woke up before she did again at around 10am I slid her off of me pulled on my boxers, and then gently went downstairs, careful not to wake her. I made breakfast for the both of us. I took it up to her and she was still sleeping so I gently shook her, whispering her name in her ear and kissing her neck even gentler. She stirred and then opened her eyes, smiling. “What time is it?” “10.” She gasped. “We’re late for school my parents are going to kill me.” “Already took care of it.” “Called us both off but your parents are probably worried about you. Did you tell them where you were going?” “I texted them and told them I was staying at my grandmother’s house anyway.” “Okay then we have the whole day to ourselves.” I kissed her lips and set the tray on her lap. “Niall, you didn’t have to do this.” “I wanted to, and plus there’s two plates there. One for me and one for you.” She kissed me back and I turned on the T.V. and we scooted closer to each other and began eating our breakfast. We spent the rest of the day cuddling, kissing, and laughing. It was nice to be with her she made me feel good. I tried my hardest to keep her mind off of her parents but I knew it was still in the back of her mind. I kissed her cheek and she smiled at me. I rubbed her thigh. “Are you okay?” “I’m better, yeah.” She shook her head and leaned in to kiss my lips. I kissed her back and my phone rang. I would’ve ignored it but It was a call I wasn’t expecting at all. The Head of Deans was calling me. He’s my boss, he only calls if there’s good or bad news which is hardly ever. “I’ll be right back babe.” I got off the bed and went into the other room and answered the phone. “Hello?” “Mr. Horan, how are you?” “Feeling a little under the weather right now and you?” I lied only because I took the day off. “I’m doing well and you’re day is about to get ten times better.” He was actually wrong because what he was about to tell me would’ve made my life ten times worse. “What is it?” “I’m promoting you.” “Oh really? That’s great thank you sir!” “Don’t get so excited just yet, there’s a catch.” “Okay.” “You’re going to be principal at West Bridge High.” My heart dropped. “Where’s that?” “Uh, I’d say it’s about 200 miles away from where you are now.” “Do I have to take the offer sir?” His reply was everything I didn’t want to hear.


I heard Niall coming back into the room and he didn’t seem as happy as he did before. “Babe who was that?” He just looked at me and smiled shaking his head. “Just a friend from back home.” I knew he was lying, I knew he was hiding something from me. I wasn’t sure what but I knew I should be patient with him. When he’s ready to tell me he will. He climbed back on the bed and cuddled me close kissing the top of my head like he normally does. I smile wide every time. Last night was a big night for the both of us. Love just isn’t a word you just throw around. Love is something that has meaning. Knowing you would drop anything to make the other happy, knowing you would do anything to be there for that person, to guide them, to be able to trust them, to know that they wouldn’t do anything to hurt you and you wouldn’t do anything to hurt them is love. The moment that you realize that you’re in love kind of puts you in shock. A different sense fills the room and it feel like it’s just the two of you against the world. All I want to do is be with Niall, to hold him, and do everything that I can for him. He makes me forget every bad thing that’s ever happened to me. My phone vibrated next to me and it was my mom. You should probably come back now. I looked at the text and cringed a little. I didn’t want to come home. Before I could reply she sent another. You’re not in trouble or anything, I just want you here. I sighed knowing that I couldn’t refuse. I looked up at Niall and kissed his lips. “Mom wants me home.” He shook his head and kissed me again and we both started to get up but he pulled my wrist back down. “Wait, sit here for a second. I have something to tell you.” My heart started racing because I was scared that he was going to say that he regretted what he said last night or something along those lines. “I got a job offer just a few seconds ago.” “And you’re going to take it? That doesn’t seem bad.” “No, let me finish. They want me to be principal at a different High School. If I don’t take it I don’t have a job at all. They’re laying teachers off.” “How far a way.” My stomach was turning. I didn’t want to hear this at all. He put his head down and barely whispered, ”200 miles”.


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